The Team

photo by Kye Ehrlich

photo by Kye Ehrlich

Juliet C. Obodo:: Creator,Executive Producer,Director

Love is…knowing what the other person needs even before they know they want it.

The perfect date…a delicious brunch, a day at the independent theater followed by coffee and conversation at our favorite coffee shop.

You can find me at…Fete du Juliet & Chic Voyage.



Tara Sheffer
Tara E. Sheffer:: Producer, Director of  Photography, Editor
Love is…lolz.
The perfect date…is something creative and fun.  Surprise me!
You can find me






Kelsey Mossberg:: Art Director, Director of  Marketing, Assistant Producer

Love is… a connection two people share that is stronger  than any other. You can laugh at each others jokes… Share  similar dreams and overall have a  best friend that means  the world to you.

The perfect date…picnic in the city with a great bottle of  wine and lots of laughs. Simple is usually best!

You can find me at…in Connecticut drinking coffee and  designing. In the  future you’ll find me in different countries traveling and exploring all life has  to offer. Also:: Instagram:@kmossberg


Jesse Johanning:: Multimedia Director

Love is… when it never feels forced to be with  someone, even when problems arise.

The perfect date… is pizza. If there’s no pizza,  there’s no date.

You can find me at… and the 10th floor of the NYU Bobst Library pulling my hair out.

kye ehrlich

Kye Ehrlich::Director of  Photography,Producer, Digital Technician

Love is…a deep connection that is what binds  people to each other without explanation.

The perfect date…would involve amazing food  and drink where  we could laugh and talk late into  the night.

You can find me at… Instagram @kyeehrlich:: Tumblr


Joshua Jones:: Assistant Art Director, Web  Developer

Love is… knowing that someone is amazing in  every way and having a deep connection.

The perfect date…something low key. A shared  interest would be my best go to. For example, if we  both like cooking, cook dinner together.

You can find me…in England or other surrounding countries, at least for the next four months. After that, looking for where my next adventure will begin. But you can always find me at Instagram: @joshjonesfbi


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