What if you already knew the last person you’d ever sleep with?


What if you already knew the last person you’d ever sleep with? Just finished watching  Sex and Death 101. Here’s a summary from Wikipedia:

Roderick Blank (Simon Baker) is a successful young businessman with a great job as an executive for ‘Swallows’, a high end fast food restaurant chain, and a beautiful fiancée, Fiona Wormwood (Julie Bowen). On the day of his bachelor party, he is e-mailed a list of all the women he has slept with. Strangely, while the list has 101 names, his fiancée is only number 29. He assumes the list is a prank, courtesy of his best friends Zack (Neil Flynn) and Lester (Dash Mihok) – until he meets number 30, Carlotta Valdez, who is the stripper at his bachelor party. After sleeping with Carlotta, he realizes the list does, in fact, comprise all of his sexual partners, both past and future.

Roderick cancels his upcoming wedding and begins to sequentially bed all the people on the list. Although he makes a connection with some of the women, he is unable to settle down and is compelled to continue until he has crossed all names off the list.

You would think this would be a gift; to know your entire sexual history upfront. But it’s more like a curse. He doesn’t simply plow through the women, he grows attached, he mourns each ending even though he knew it would end. He doesn’t get to experience the sense of hope you get when starting a relationship. Which really sucks. His destiny was out of his control.

Going through 30 dates with no real serious contender has made me feel a bit hopeless. Like Roderick, I’m just making my way down my list. No more false sense of hope. Just want to get to the finish line at this point. I’m more psyched to find new date dresses and try new eateries at this point. I’m thinking of shifting the focus on the show. I’ve learned a lot and I can definitely share some tips I got from the guys. All very nice guys by the way. It was just that none of them has been the guy for me.



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