The Story

50 States of Dating: Love is a State of Mind


-By Kelsey Mossberg + Joshua Mark Jones


Juliet C. Obodo is a NYC style and travel blogger. She recently became the founding editor of HOMME DU JOUR, a men’s style guide. With a full and fabulous schedule dating hasn’t been a priority for her. This never kept her up at night until she received a Facebook message from her oldest friends. They were getting married in Spain next year in the bride’s hometown! Of course Juliet was excited, she’s known both the bride and the groom since boarding school and now they were finally getting married. Time flies.

As she read the Facebook message she was also planning what she’d wear and if she would be able to arrive earlier to explore and shop. But then she got towards the end, “Of course you can bring a friend!” She also mentioned that another friend was bringing her husband and of course her brothers would have their wives/girlfriends and the groom’s brother would have his boyfriend. But she, Juliet, would have a friend. She’s never had a problem with a girls’ trip, in fact these were her favorite kinds of trips, but for some reason she felt an ache. She shopped online for an hour and the ache still remained. She applied a face mask and put on a terrible reality show, yet the ache still remained. She headed to bed but couldn’t sleep the ache turned into a tingling and then into a full on panic attack. She HAD to find a date to the wedding. Not a guy or girl friend but a proper date. A guy who had the potential to be walking down the aisle with her in a few years. No more Mr. Right Nows. But how would she be able to this. Dating in New York was equitable to winning the lottery, only slightly more difficult and soul crushing. She had pretty much called it quits.

Looking through her phone contacts there as no one she would recycle. There wasn’t “The One That Got Away” there were a lot of “Ones Who Made Her Run Away”.

There had to be a better a way to do this. She first tried to make eye contact with handsome strangers and even exchanged numbers but later saw a sketch of a wanted rapist on the news that resembled the guy and freaked out. She finally decided to hit the online dating scene to avoid a potential crime scene.

Match.com was way too intense and she didn’t feel like she was getting her money’s worth. She headed over to OK Cupid a free site that seemed to have more attractive guys but she had to learn how to speak the online dating language and was soon able to decipher what a guy actually meant when he said he had 8 roommates and to subtract 5 inches from the height they put on their profiles. After becoming fluent she went on a few first dates that turned into second and even third dates but then the guys would drop off the face of the earth (though they would log into the site daily) or she herself would become disinterested or busy. What exactly was the problem? Here is an online catalog of men! She should be able to make a final purchase,but instead she has a selection of ill- fitting sale items. Her scientific background has always led her to seek answers to her questions.

She took a look at the profiles of her past dates though racially diverse and noticed a lot of them grew up or were raised in New York or New Jersey. No southern gentlemen of corn-husking cuties. Would her beliefs and needs be met by guys that were raised drinking tap water from the Pacific rather than the Atlantic? This idea intrigued her. Should she take a cross-country tour and date a guy in each state? But she only had six months to get a date. The idea of traveling to all 50 states and set a date in each seem crazy…crazy expensive. But that’s where OK Cupid comes in.


She would set up 50 first dates with guys born and raised in different states but now reside in New York City. The guys would have recently moved into the city to ensure that they were still influenced by their roots. The first dates will take place at eateries or locations that reminded each guy of their home state. She’ll be able to get to know them and their roots and they will be able to see if they can stand spending more than 3 hours with her.


Hopefully by the end of this experience Juliet will have made an authentic connection and would have found a date to her best friends’ wedding in June.


On her fashion blog Fete du Juliet, Juliet publishes a daily feature “ The Daily Dress”. Dresses are the main source of her style inspiration. She will of course need the perfect dress for each date. She will outline her choices on the site and make her look shoppable for viewers.


“Sex and food are sisters in human desire.” It only makes sense that each date location have the best food. Reviews will be posted on Juliet’s other site Chic Voyage. Viewers will soon be able to download a guide on the website.


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