13 Dating Habits You Should Leave In 2013

fete du juliet | New Year's Eve

1. Stop Over Sharing On The First Date

I remember during the end of one first date he exclaimed how much fun he was having and recounted that on his last date the girl revealed that she was a rape victim before they had even ordered. That was inappropriate on her part but she’s probably trying to deal with the situation. It was even more inappropriate for him to tell this story especially in the form of an anecdote.

2. Lying About Little Things

You shouldn’t lie about big things such as marital status either but little white lies suck too. I’ve come across so many guys who lie about their height, where they live or even their position at work. Women lie too. Ladies he will eventually find out that isn’t your real hair.

3. Dominating The Conversation

A conversation requires a minimum of two partners and at the end of every one you both should feel as if you’ve said all that you needed to say and you’ve learned the information that you were seeking. A great trick is to ask a question right in the middle of a story that you’re telling. If you’re telling him about your cross-country road trip don’t just ask if he’s ever been on one. Ask if he’s ever wanted to go on one and why. Allow him to answer and then proceed.

4. Texting

Your phone should remain in your bag or pocket. If you’re expecting a call or message go to the bathroom to check it.

5. Drunk Dating

Dates aren’t the best places to get drunk, even if they’re really bad. Have you ever been on a second date with someone who got drunk on the first one? Exactly keep the sloppiness to Joe.

6. Not Dressing For The Occasion

Would you go to a funeral in black? Would you go swimming in sweats? Then why the heck would you go on a hiking date in heels or to dinner in cut-offs. Now if the person didn’t tell you how to dress that’s their bad and a habit they need to work on.

7. Stop petting The Awkward Turtle

The Awkward Turtle is the animal mascot of the awkward moment. I love homeboy but leave him at home. To avoid bringing him out don’t ask questions about their ex and don’t ask the dreaded question “So why are you single?”.

8. EX-plaining way too much

I’m not talking about providing more details about a certain topic. I’m referring to the terrible habit of bringing up your ex during every conversation. Not only on a date but with friends, co-workers, nail technicians, baristas and oh yeah your blog.

9. First Date Sleep Overs

In New York we hop into beds as easily as we do cabs. We really need to make a change in 2014. I’m going on 50 first dates, before the end of February so I’m definitely following my own advice.

10. Hating On Yourself

It’s great that you don’t spend the entire date humble bragging or showing off Instagram photos with celebs. But don’t talk how much you think you suck at so and so because eventually they might agree with you.

11. Instagramming Your Food

This goes back to texting but some people will break out the phone for the house special so I felt I had to include it. This takes away from the moment. If you’re excited about your flower shaped polenta share it with your date instead of your followers.

12. Going Back To The Future

You should look fly, but you’re not Marty Mcfly so I’m going to need you to remain in the present. Don’t talk about the fact you want a surrogate to maintain your figure or you want your mum to live with you guys. Keep it current. Keep it casual.

13. Actin’ Brand New

Be yourself don’t try to be who you think they’d want to date. You might miss out on a great person because they may actually want to date the real you.

Watch me put these rules in action on my new show 50 States of Dating, which premieres this Valentine’s Day!

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