50 States of Dating:: Love is a State of Mind

cropped-monogram41.jpgOkay here we go! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I’ve never been a fan of reality dating shows. I felt they were so fake and the goal was never really to find love. As a hopeless romantic this always rubbed me the wrong way. But as I enter 2014 single and sober I feel like I should be more open to finding love even if it’s a bit extreme. By June 2014 I will have gone on 50 dates with 50 guys from each of the 50 states. The dates won’t be an issue I’ve become quite an expert in dating.

There’s an art to dating and I’ve discovered that I’m a talented in this medium. I always get a 2nd and 3rd date. But this has become an issue, I’m so good at dating that I’ve become terrible at relationships. So used to renting a guy that I overlook actually taking the time to invest in the “property”.

With this show I will go on 50 dates and then narrow it down to 10 guys,5 guys,3 guys and then finally one guy will be my wedding date to my two BFFs’ wedding in Spain this June. Check here for the complete story.

This blog will be accompanied by actual episodes on my Youtube channel. The first episode will air on Valentine’s Day. Fitting, no?

So stay tuned and I hope you’ll join me on this crazy journey.


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